Dead Air Wolverine

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The Wolverine ships with a 14L thread insert. We plan on making 14R, 24R, 26L, 15mm, 16mm, 1/2×28, 5/8×24, and 9/16L as well; and possibly more will be added to the list depending on demand.

Common AK variants and their thread pitches:

M14 x 1mm LH


Century RAS-47

century C39

Yugoslavian AK's (Opap / Npap)

Polish kit builds

East German kit builds

Romanian kit builds

Russian kit builds (7.62x39)

Bulgarian (milled)

 M24 x 1.5mm RH- These threads are on the gas/front sight block, not the barrel. Examples:

Russian or Bulgarian AK-74's

Russian or Bulgarian "Krinkov" AKS-74U

All Arsenal / Kvar AK's (7.62x39 or 5.45x39)

 M26 x 1.5 mm LH- this is primarily a yugo thread pitch used on their AK pistols Pap92/M85. The threads are on the gas/front sight block, not on the barrel. 

*Special Note*

Polish WZ88 "Tantal" rifles have a unique barrel/thread profile that we do not accommodate currently. The muzzle extends well past the threads and that does not work with our system. They cannot be cut to thread length without being an SBR. Its an issue we may address at some point, but for now Wolverine cannot mount to them.

Rating: Multi - Up to 7.92X54
Length: 7.4" (with thread adapter)
Weight: 19.8 oz - 24.4 oz depending on mount
Diameter: 1.5" tube, 1.93" outside diameter
Finish: Cerakote body with nitrided parts
Min. Barrel Length: No Restrictions
MSRP: $1099

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